Captain Tentacle is a giant octopus that resides in Pac-World, and is an enemy of Pac-Man. He is summoned First Boss by the croaking of a group of frogs. He appears in Pac-Man Party.

In Pac-Man Party

Captian Tentacle makes an apperance in Pac-Man Party as a boss. Once the players have passed a pond in Greenwood Grove a certain amount of times, they summon enough frogs to "croak up a storm", but this is not figurative language -- the frogs literally croak up a storm! A rain storm covers the board flooding it in certain places. Suddenly from the ocean rises Captain Tentacle in a pirate ship! Once the players reach him, they must work together to fight him. The players ride in row boats and hold harpoons. They must throw these harpoons at his tentacles and head in order to defeat him. He can slap players with tentacles, fire cannonballs, and create a whirpool that sucks them in, encouraging close combat. Despite his power, Pac-Man and friends can easily cut his tentacles off and beat that swashbuckling octopus.

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