Canyon Crusade is the first race course on the Grape Cup in Pac-Man World Rally as well as a battle course. It is a big canyon (as the name suggests) which is surrounded by lovely water. There are many cactuses throughout the course but they are just scenery and don't affect the racers. Once the race begins the racers must take a right followed by multiple turns left and right with a ramp used for jumping so racers can get speed boosts, there is a edge right after a turn which will lead clumsy racers to the water below, then the racers must jump over a small gap before reaching the bottom of the canyon near the water and some palm trees. Once at the bottom the racers must avoid some big Scorpians to prevent being knocked over or squished flat, alternately once the Grapes have been actived and racers grab some grapes racers can take the underwater tunnel shortcut where they can skip the longer more dangerous path and see underwater life such as a clam with a Pellet in it, some seaweed, a Pac-Shark chasing a seahorse and an anglerfish trying to eat it's own lure while banging on the glass making it shake. Once pass the scorpians (or out of the tunnel) the racers must use the Speed Boosters to boost and make large jumps over three huge gaps, racers must be careful as getting hit by pac bombs, fake boxes over the gaps and galaga ship shots will make them fall into the canyon's water, after the jumps the racers will cross the finish line, repeat until done. There are also vultures that stand on dead trees but they don't do anything and are just for scenery.

Battle Mode

In Battle Mode Canyon Crusade appears as a course where the layout is different. One side has a edge that leads into water while the other has a path that leads behind the waterfall while the middle has a stream of water leading into the ocean.

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