Butt-ler is Betrayus' long suffering personal servant and butler who appears in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. He is a purple-gray ghost with a butt-shaped head, topped with a dapper black hat. He's always loyal to his master. He will take some small satisfaction seeing Betrayus fall flat on his face.


  • During the Pac-War he was known as Corporal Hineyhead, a spy for Betrayus.
  • He and his twin brother hate each other, but in "Seems Like Old Times", they team up to suck Betrayus' mind, as they both hate him.
  • According to Butt-ler, his mother hated both him and Buttocks, but apparently hated Buttocks even more.
  • In The Pac Be With You, he is shown to be a Pac-Fu expert, he clobbers both his brother and Betrayus.


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