Buccaneer Beach

Pac-Man at the beginning of Buccaneer Beach

Buccaneer Beach is the first level in Pac-Man World. Since it is the first level, it teaches the basic controls of the game. The level teaches Pac-Man how to Butt Bounce, Rev Roll, Pac Shoot, use switches, and defend himself. It starts out on a deck-like area where there is a small maze behind Pac-Man. There are three pillars in the middle of this maze with fruits on them. There are also Ghosts patrolling the maze. Pac-Man needs to use the traditional method of using Power Pellets to defeat them. Pac-Man will be introduced to the Chrome Suit, Rev Platforms and a different kind of Pac Dots, called Fly Dots. There is an extra life inside a pool of water around mid-level inside a chest. At the end, Pac-Man encounters his first Fruit Door. Then he collects the Token to go to the Main Hub, Ghost Island.