Bottle Rocket Blast-off (also called Rocket Bottle Blast-off) is a mini-game in Pac-Man Party.


Patra in Bottle Rocket Blast-off.


Various Pac-People are shown watching the players blast off.


The object of this mini-game is to fly the farthest. The players must shake the Wii Remote to shake their bottle. Using a Power Cookie makes their bottle bigger and allows them to fly farther. After 10 seconds, the players blast off into the air. If their are CPU's playing, one of them will stay on the board regardless of if they shoke their bottle or not. If the players don't shake their bottle at all, the game ends in a tie (if all the players do so).


One of the player's stays on the board while the other three blast off. Two other players fall away the last remaining player does a victory pose in the air. After this, the game counts the miles they flew. Then the mini-game ends.


  • This is similar to the Mario Party 8 mini-game Shake it Up, except the time limit has rose to 10 seconds instead of 5 and the soda cans are replaced with bottle rockets.

There is a poster of Patra on the side of the dock.

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