The Bot Boneyard is the first level of Pac-Man World 3, and is a huge landfill pit with Armalopes, scrapped robots that belonged to Erwin and green goo. It is located in the Banni Desert, and though it is where Pac-Man is first teleported, it is insignificant to the story since very little is learnt about why Erwin is syphoning the Spectral Realm, and in fact does not even mention until the end that he is syphoning the Spectral Realm at all. When the syphoning is mentioned, Pac-Man does not question Orson about it at all.

Pac-Man's opinion of the Bot Boneyard

Orson: Where are you?

Pac-Man: I'm in some sort of... landfill pit. There's green goo, some trashed looking junk, it smells really bad down here! Really!

Enemies Introduced

Armalopes, Snitterlings and Spectral Monsters.

Techniques Introduced

All basic attacks, Butt Bounce Buttons, Power Pellets and the Rev-Roll Plate.

What You Learn About the Storyline

  • Orson has teleporter issues.
  • Erwin is a bad guy.
  • Ghosts come from the Spectral Realm.
  • The Spectral Realm is being syphoned by Erwin, causing the Spectral Monster attacks throughout the game.

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