Bomb-A-Trons are robots who work for Erwin. They come from Bomb-A-Tron dispencers.


The Bomb-A-trons are suicidal creatures who are very aggresive it is easyet if you stay back and don't destroy them in less you have a super stopmp or ribbion loop pellet. They like to over welm enemy's and are very similar in the way they group up and come out of wholes to sniterlings. They function as weapons.

Technological Guide

The bomb-a-trons are very suicidal creatures who's computer is very simple. They walk on four incectoid legs and have one "eye" or guiding mechanism. The rest of there bodys are bretty much a bomb they can also jump in the air when they explode destrying higher things. They come out of bomb-A-tron despeincers or mech lumoxes.

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