The Blue Alien is an enemy from Pac-Man World. The Blue Alien is found in the third area on Ghost Island which is the Plan C from Space area. It appears in Far Out, and Gimme Space.
Blue alien

The Blue Alien standing still.

The Blue Alien is a small (smaller than Pac-Man) and light blue stereotypical alien. They are usually found in inconvenient places, like narrow ledges next to bottomless pits. They walk side to side, holding a strange light shield. When it sees Pac-Man it will slowly walk towards him, hoping to push him off the edge. This form of contact does not hurt Pac-Man, but if Pac-Man tries to Butt-Bounce the Blue Alien, he will recieve damage. The only way to kill the Blue Alien is too Rev Roll it from behind, or to use a Super Pac Dot. (Normal Pac-Dots won't work. If the Blue Alien pushes Pac-Man off, he will actually taunt him, by mockingly waving "Bye!" while Pac-Man is falling to his death. The Blue Alien also taunts Pac-Man as if saying "Bring it on!"