Welcome to Pacman's World: Let's have fun with Pacman, Let's go to Block Town - Pac-Mania

Block Town is the first Level in Pac-Mania. It can be chosen at the level select screen.  It doesn't give the player any "Courage Bonus," and Pacman's speed may seem slow to some players (unless if they turned on the "Pac-Booster" from the Genesis version). It is known as the "Easy" Level of the Four.


The level is made of many LEGO (or LEGO-like) blocks. There are only 5 ghosts at the start, But after clearing Jungly Steps, there can be more ghosts, and the speed is a lot faster compared to the speed of the first try, it doesn't have sidewarps, but it still shows some ghosts/dots in some unused zones (Just like in jungly steps), Because all the levels have a side-maze at the right and another at the left, It doesn't affect the gameplay, because if you eat a number of dots in the left, these dots will disappear in the left of the other close mazes and viceversa.


  • Blinky
  • Pinky
  • Inky
  • Clyde
  • Sue
  • Funky (Pac-Man Collection)

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