Blinky's frog in Pac Man World 2.

Blinky's Killer Frog is the machine that Blinky uses in the level of Pac-Man World 2, Blinky's Killer Frog. He uses a unique machine, for the machines Pinky, Inky, and Clyde use are mechanic ghosts, mainly like the large ghost machine at the end of Pac-Man Arrangement used by Kinky, the yellow ghost. Blinky was depicted as Clyde due to the Clyde/Blinky error.


Pac-Man World 2

Blinky's Killer Frog appears in Pac-Man World 2 as the boss of the first world. It uses its tongue to attack, which Pac-Man can Butt-Bounce on to deal damage.

Pac-Man Monsters

Killer Frog

Killer Frog, as it appears in Pac-Man Monsters.

Blinky's Killer Frog, simply referred to as Killer Frog, appears in the iOS game Pac-Man Monsters as an enemy and collectable monster. It has recieved a redesign, and is now piloted by a blue ghost. A different version of the Killer Frog also appears, known as Killer Frog Beta.

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