Blinky's Frog

Battling Blinky's Frog

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Blinky's Frog is the fifth level of Pac-Man World 2, and the first boss level. In the level, Pac-Man fights Clyde (Mistakenly called Blinky) in his giant mechanical frog.


Upon arriving, Clyde tells Pac-Man that Spooky told Clyde that he can't have the Golden Fruit. Clyde also tells him that Pac-Man will never defeat his giant frog, as long as he doesn't butt-bounce on its main method of attack, its spiked tongue. With this "hint" given to Pac-Man, he butt-bounces on the frog's wooden tongue, damaging it severely.

After Pac-Man butt-bounces on the Frog's tongue three times, Clyde restores the tongue. Now, it is made of something Pac-Man can't break: steel. As long as he doesn't rev-roll. Pac-Man rev-rolls into the frog's now glowing mouth, weakening the tongue from the root. After three hits in the mouth, not only does the tongue break, but the whole frog as well. With the mechanical amphibian destroyed and Clyde defeated, Pac-Man regains the first golden fruit, the Golden Cherry.

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