The Bat is an enemy that appears in the Haunted Mansion Area in Pac-Man World and in the Tree Tops and Ghost Island areas in Pac-Man World 2. Although they share the same name, the Bat from Pac-Man World and Pac-Man World 2 are different from eachother.

In Game Description

"The bat is the most common flying predator in Pac-Land ... at night. They are very territorial creatures that will attack anything that enters their domain. They aren't very smart, but will fight to the end."

In Pac-Man World

In the first Pac-Man World, the bat is a medium sized enemy. They are a shade of purple/blue and fly around in the Haunted Mansion Area.

A Bat in Pac-Man World

It has a counter-part in the Valley of the Pirates Area, called the Parrot. Although the Parrot and the Bat are two different creatures, they both do the same thing. They both carry bombs and drop them on Pac-Man trying to hurt him. Once the Bat has dropped a bomb, it will try to attack Pac-Man by swooping down and trying to hit him.

The Bat can be killed by Butt-Bouncing on it or near it. You can also Pac-Dot Shoot it, although this is tricky.

In Pac-Man World 2

In Pac-Man World 2, the bat is a small black enemy. They appear in the B-Doing Woods and Ghost Island. They usually fly around in a pattern, and in groups (Usually 2). The bats will swoop down and try to hurt Pac-Man.

A Bat in Pac-Man World 2

Although they rarely do this, if you collide into a bat in the air, Pac-Man will lose health. They are often seen swooping around boxes, or up and down bridges.

The Bat can be killed by flip kicking it. Sometimes it is tricky to hit them directly, since the bats fly quite fast.


  • In Pac-Man World, the Bat does not make a cawing noise when attacking like the Parrot does.