Barrel Blast

Barrel Blast is the 13th level in Pac-Man World and the 2nd level in the Funhouse World. This level reintroduces steam shooters which have disappeared since its appearance in the Volcano Ruins bonus round. A new mechanic in this level is the heat panel, which hurts Pac-Man if he steps on it. Pac-Man must use all his skills to complete this level.


  • This is the second level in gaming history to have the phrase "Barrel Blast" in it, the first level in gaming history being "Snow Barrel Blast" from Donkey Kong Country.
  • This is one of the only two levels in which the P and C both appear in Strawberry doors, the other one being Corsair's Cove.
  • There is an Extra Life on the tower near the first metal moving platform, as well as another one on the tower near the second metal moving platform.
  • This level's music is higher-pitched than the one used in the Funhouse mazes.

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