The Banni desert is a very significant place for the story of Pac-Man World 3. It is the location of both Orson's outpost and Gogekka Central. The first time Pac-Man enters it is when he exits Bot Boneyard and emerges up a garbage chute in to the desert. His mission was to find Orson at his outpost and test out the new Toc-Man. When he comes back after finding Pinky in the Spectral realm he comes back going to Gogkka. Then after numerous levels he comes back to save Gogkka from burning down.


"long ago there was a race hear known as the ancients they left years ago but the desert still has a life of its own"-Orson Pac-Man World 3

The Banni Desert is a place of great history. Or so it seems. The desert is a mysterious place but one thing is for sure: somebody use to live there and somebody made hude temples. This according to Orson was the ancients, perhaps the same ones who lived in zephyr (Cragstone). Though this is weird because they are so far apart. Of course them both being the same is a horrible stereotype. For example, two tribes could both be Native American, but while looking at their culture they are as different as Japan and France. Banni is the source of many temples and it seems to be more of a settlement then any thing else. It is unknown what wiped them out but perhaps, like the kindred in the mountains of Zephyr (Cragstone), they messed with forces they didn't understand and died due to spectral energy. Read more about this disaster in Ancient Catacombs.

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