Banni Canyon is a repeat level of Pac-Man World 3



  1. Get key from the Mine
  2. Restore power to the tram
  3. Return to the Outpost
  4. Locate Orson, Clyde & Toc-Man in the outpost


  1. Get to outpost
  2. Fight Erwin's invading army

How to succeed

Orson will have ported you from Gogekka, you'll see the outpost, turn around & fight the monsters, then, climb up to the top of the canyon trench, there will be more monsters, defeat them, Ride the elevator down to a lower section, The elevator is right behind the monsters, Use the platform to cross the canyon to summon Clyde, Repeat the action in reverse with Clyde, Spectral Monsters will attack, Attack them, Then syphon the Spectral Fountain, Then, blow over the pillar, you can cross the canyon pit & defeat the monsters & destroy the Spectral cinders preventing the path, Return to Pac-Man after destroying the cinders, Then, cross the canyon & repeat the action Clyde did, Inside the tunnel, you shall find four buttons, push down two, Then, navigate the canyon down to the mine, it'll be sealed up, Summon Clyde, blow open the pillar & you'll cross to the mine, Some K-Trons will await your arrival, Fight them & proceed to the end of the tunnel, Summon Clyde once you've defeated the K-Trons & Gryocopters & rev rolled the second mine cart beyond the laser wall