B-Doing Woods

B-Doing Woods Title Screen

Item Totals
2 (bonus)
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B-Doing Woods is the sixth level of Pac-Man World 2. This level introduces B-Doings which help the player navigate through the level, and future ones as well.


After defeating Blinky and his giant frog, Pac-Man finds himself in a vast forest with floating target platforms called b-doings. Pac-Man can bounce on these targets to reach new heights and progress further through the canopy.

After bouncing on numerous b-doings, and across wide gaps, Pac-Man comes to two giant redwood trees. At the top of the first tree is a blue switch, that, when pressed, will activate a pac-dot chain that will carry Pac-Man from the bottom the the two redwoods to that spot. At the top of the second tree is a beetle and a chest, which can be opened with an apple. Inside the chest is the galboss for the level. There is also an arrow marked b-doing that will take Pac-Man to another set of trees and beetles.

At the second pair of trees. Pac-Man will find a large amount of b-doings, which will let him come to a netted gap. He isn't alone. There are also 8 spit-ball spitting ghosts ready to attack Pac-Man. Once Pac-Man eats all 8 of these ghosts, he'll find the portal for the level and complete it.

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