The B-Doing was an item from Pac-Man World, Pac-Man World 2, and Pac Man World 3 It first appears in the first level of Pac-Man World, in Buccaneer Beach, the first level on Ghost Island. B-Doings are usually used in chains, bouncing from one place to another. To use a B-Doing, the player must Butt Bounce on it. The B-Doings are usually depicted as a box with a stretchy sheet over it with a red target on it in Pac-Man World. In Pac-Man World 2, they don't have the box, but instead float in the air from a propeller. Pac-Man World 2 also marks the debut of the Blue B-Doings, which bounce Pac-Man much higher than the red ones. The B-Doings earn an actual level based around using them in Pac-Man World 2, called B-Doing Woods. In Pac Man World 3 B-Doings are circular and smaller than in Pac Man World 2. This new version of B-Doings allows you to keep bouncing on other B-Doings after you bounce on one.