Armalopes are enemies that appear in Pac-Man World 3.

A group that consists of three armalopes getting beaten away by Pac-Man.

Nature and history

Throughout history, Armalopes were looked down upon by Pac-people, most likely because of their nature and how they act in appearence. When Erwin begins to control them, they appear more aggresive and are more likely to target someone  when hypnotized or under control.

Locations and Colors


The armalopes love to bath in the slime of the Bot Boneyard and hunt for snitterlings (see Monsters and Robots third one down). They are bred by Erwin in the Banni desert and canyon so they are in level 2 and 9.


Light and Dark Green: Most armalopes are light and dark green.They seem to be inferior to red ones because of how they follow them in packs.

Red: These are probally the leaders of the packs - the alpha males and females since they always lead the pack and attack first. They are probably leaders or second in command to the spiked armalopes, a superior species of armalopes.


The Armalopes skin makes them appear as reptiles but their body structure is not like any other reptiles. The one thing thats very reptilian looking besides the skin is their jaws which look quite lizard like. They may also be amphibian as well because they can be found jumping out of the liquid slime in the Bot Boneyard. Their teeth and claws make them look like carnivores.

See also

Monsters and Robots

Spiked Armalopes
Electric shock

Pac-Man zapping an armalope through the action of a Power Pellet.


  • Another type of armalopes known as the Spiked Armalopes are more aggressive then this specific species.

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