Apex is an alien who leads the Pointy Head race, and is responsible for hiring the Pacinator to commit genocide on the Yellow Ones. He first appears in Episode 24, "Robo Woes". He is voiced by Colin Mourdock.



Apex's Robot.

Apex resembles a common Pointy Head, having a pointy scalp, silver skin, four tentacle-like legs and two arms with three finger. However unlike other Pointy Heads, he appears to be far taller (but still short when compared to Pac-Worlders) and possesses dark red pupils.

He bears some physical similarities to the Mars People of the Metal Slug series. Like the Mars People, the Pointy Heads represent a third side to the conflict of both mythos.

Episode Appearences

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

Robo Woes

Invasion of the Pointy Heads

Cosmic Contest

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