The Ankh is an enemy found in Pac-Man World. They are spotted in Manic Mines and Anubis Rex.

In Manic Mines

Ankhs are commonly called Tornadoes, and are miniature twisters that can harm Pac-Man. They are sacred tomb like stones that transform into deadly twisters when Pac-Man aproaches them. Pac-Man ca
Ankh 1

The Ankh as it appears in Manic Mines.

n outrun them, but they are tricky. Once Pac-Man gets sucked into one, he spins around and get's shot out, causing him to lose health. Once Pac-Man is loses health, the Ankh dissapears. The twisters are found in light gray and white in an open area in the level.

In Anubis Rex

Ankhs are spawned out of Anubis Rex when he is on the second stage. Unlike Manic Mines, they don't come out of their tombs, and instead just come out as tornadoes. In Anibus Rex, they are trickier, and are the colour black. They will turn the direction you are in, until you dodge them. They will keep going until they are off screen.

Ankh 2

The Ankh as it appears in Anubis Rex.


  • When the Ankhs spawn, they make a whistling sound, similiar to the wind.
  • In Manic Mines, they have free roaming abilities, but in Anubis Rex they are set to go one way or the other.
  • It is possibly the only enemy in the game that cannot be killed by Pac-Man.

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