The Ancient Defenders are Monsters that appear in The Spectral Realm, The Banni Wastelands and Cragstone Mountain Range. They are hard enemies to defeat and appear in Pac-Man World 3. They are last & endangered species in their family lines from their extinct race.


The Ancient defenders are aggressive insectoid beings which seemed to have survived the explosion which wiped out the ancients. They will stop at nothing to destroy anyone or anything which invades the ancients home. Many Different cultures throughout Pac-Land use them as guards. They also come in great numbers and must have been the main force of the ancients military.They are endangered species for they're race has gone extinct & they are the last descendants of each & every ancient family line.


The Ancient defenders appear insectoid and have four legs they seem to resemble scorpions which are Arachnids. They appear made of Stone if they actually are made of stone and its not just camouflage there is three things they could be.

  • A Biological creature which happens to be made of rocks to keep it safe from prey this is weird though because a biological creature needs skin to make its organs function correctly meaning the Ancient Defenders could have a far different Organ function then other creatures.
  • A Stone magically animated by the ancients to defend there cities or be their minions.
  • An elemental Creature. an elemental creature featured in many RPGs (Role Playing Games like Dungeons and Dragons) is a creature that has been hear since the beginning of time and serves only followers of there fantasy element. Such as Rock fire or Ice.

Family lines, endangerment & extinction

Family lines

The Defenders' family lines end & stop due to the extinction of the race of Ancients.


Because the Defenders are the last descendants of their own family's bloodlines & that their race is extinct, they are endangered of losing the race of ancients forever, (they also cannot reproduce, because only the race of ancients that are now long gone can reproduce)


Risks of extinction range from careless hikers to their own accidents causing death, (the destruction of the race to the Spectral invasion)

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